About Us

We live in the midst of a culture that places the highest value on vision. While vision is important we believe that before our vision is made plain, we must first emphasize our purpose and our values.
Our Purpose
The purpose of Covenant Life Fellowship is best summarized by our motto:
” A Safe Place to Call Home.”
We believe in a safe place you thrive in who God has called you to be. We do not believe in being comfortable, but a place to feel safe to create and find who you are in God.
Our Values
Values are the things that are dear to us. They are the things by which we measure our lives and ministries. All of our visions and plans come from our core values. At CLF we value:
Because of God’s worthiness, we recognize the worship of God as the main reason for our existence. Worship should be a lifestyle for every believer, which is expressed, in our personal lives and in corporate gatherings. (Jn.4:23-24)
Kingdom of God
We value God’s Kingdom and consider it to be infinitely more important than the things of this earth. Because of this, we should live a lifestyle of self-denial and give God’s Kingdom preeminence in the use of our time, talents, finances and resources. (Matthew 6:33)
The Word of God
We value the Bible as a necessary source of inspiration, instruction, and wisdom for every believer. In addition to a diligent lifestyle of Bible study for individual believers, we value the public preaching and teaching of God’s Word as a God-ordained means of spiritual growth. (Heb.4:12; II Tim.3:16)
Our prayer life is an indicator of our dependence upon God. Jesus modeled a life of prayer and it was clearly a critical part of the success of the early church. We value both personal and corporate prayer and believe that it is a source of spiritual power. (I Thess. 5:17, James 5:16)
We believe that God has ordained the Christ-centered family to be a testimony of His love and a stabilizing force in society. Our church will only be as strong as our families. We value the sanctity of marriage and the roles of the husband and wife as revealed in the Scriptures. We believe that the future strength of the church depends on the raising of godly children. (Eph 3:14,15, Eph 5:22, Eph 5:25, Eph 6:1)
Covenant Relationships
God’s covenant faithfulness to His people is a model of the covenant relationships that we have with one another. We believe that the Lord strategically places people in the local church and works through their relationships with one another to bring encouragement, maturity and adjustment. We need one another! (I Cor.12)
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is active in many ways in the life of the local church. We value His ministry of infilling and empowering the individual believer. We welcome the manifestation of His various gifts (Eph.4 / Romans 12 / I Cor.12) within the local church in accordance with the Biblical guidelines.
Missions and Evangelism
God’s heart for mankind was revealed to us in Christ, who came to seek and save the lost. We value the Great Commission and consider it our mandate to reach the lost in our community and around the world through our prayers, money, and personal involvement. (Mt. 28:19-20)
God has revealed Himself as a God of diversity. We value the uniqueness that God displayed in fashioning the Body of Christ. We celebrate the differences in gender, age, race, and denomination and in so doing, will not to allow them to become a source of divisiveness and strife. (I Cor.12)
Our Vision
The Vision of Covenant Life Fellowship is to exalt Jesus Christ, equip believers, and evangelize the world. This involves an upward, inward, and outward focus:

Exalting Jesus Christ (Upward)We will exalt Jesus Christ:

  • By seeking God’s will and way above our own.
  • By cultivating personal lives of holiness and obedience.
  • By giving Him His rightful place in our corporate worship services.
  • By developing a strong ministry of intercessory prayer.

Equipping Believers (Inward)We will equip believers:

  • By maintaining a strong pulpit ministry of preaching and teaching.
  • By developing seminars and schools of ministry to train and activate believers.
  • By equipping and reproducing ministers to be sent out from the local church.
  • By developing multi-faceted ministries that provide biblical wisdom and counsel.
  • By developing ministries designed to break cycles of bondage and addiction.
  • By developing ministries to strengthen married couples, men, women, singles, teens, and children.

Evangelizing the World (Outward)We will evangelize the world:

  • By developing and maintaining a strong missions team.
  • By supporting missions through prayer and giving.
  • By using creative means to develop outreaches to the lost in our community.
  • By being salt and light in the political, business, and educational arena.
  • By participating in short term missions trips.
  • By sending full time missionaries to the nations.