Our Affiliations

Embracing Many Streams

If you were limited to describing CLF by a single phrase, we might best be described as: “a Church rooted in Reformed Theology but with a Charismatic (or prophetic) expression”.
However, at CLF, we recognize that God is a God of variety; therefore, there are many expressions of His love and heart throughout the world. We do not believe that any one stream has the entire truth, and we recognize that we need each other to accomplish God’s purposes on earth and to keep each other balanced.
Of course, there are fundamental truths that we hold to that will never be compromised, such as: the infallibility and authority of scripture; the deity of Christ; the virgin birth; the fallen nature of man; salvation through grace alone; and progressive sanctification, but we believe we can fellowship with and receive God’s life through others even if we disagree on issues of secondary importance.
Therefore, CLF as a Church (and Pastors Craig and Wendy) relate and fellowship with other ministries, regardless of their “label”, whether that be: denominational/evangelical, pentecostal/charismatic, prophetic/apostolic or reformation/transformation.