Our History


Covenant Life Fellowship (originally called “Full Gospel Assembly”) was founded by Rev. Joseph “Lenny” Nuzum. After beginning with home services and then meeting in the Claysville City Mission, he made the move to Washington, PA in 1946, where they met in homes and a storefront for worship.

In 1946, an old home was purchased at the corner of Addison & Hayes in the west end of Washington, PA, and it was there that they began the construction of a new building for the Church.

The first service in the building was held on Mother’s Day, 1947, and at the time, the Church was known as the Full Gospel Tabernacle.

Pastoral History

Rev. Nuzum pastored until his 70th birthday in 1960. After he retired, two lay ministers, Ruby Gump and Rev. Charles Jeffries, pastored the Church until Rev. D. Leroy Whiteman, an Assembly of God minister, took the pastoral role in 1962.

Rev. Whiteman was then followed by Rev. Raymond Nuzum of the Church of God (cousin to Kenny Nuzum) who pastored the Church from 1963 until 1972.

In 1972, when Pastor Max Wilson took over the pastorate, the church was renamed to Full Gospel Assembly, and he pastored the Church until 1981 when Pastor Craig Bellis was called to Washington.

Since 1981, Pastor Craig has been the senior Pastor. In 1993, Pastor Craig teamed up with his wife, Pastor Wendy to co-pastor the Church when they were both credentialed and ordained by Christian International.
Change of Building, Change of Name and Change of Direction
In the summer of 1990, the church moved to its newly built facility located on 18 ½ acres on Point View Drive in Canton Township. It was at this time that the name of the church was once again changed from Full Gospel Assembly to Covenant Life Fellowship. This change of name also reflected a change in vision and direction as the Church broke ties to its independent roots and joined the CI Network of Churches. In 2015 Pastors Craig and Wendy switched their ministry affiliation to the Federation of Ministries and Churches International under the oversight of Apostles Jim and Jean Hodges.