Our Leadership Team


At CLF, we believe in leadership as modeled by Jesus. Specifically, we believe that leadership is a platform to serve others. The greater the leadership role, the greater the responsibility and privilege to serve.


Our Board of Directors, Elders, & Deacons

Pastor Craig and Pastor Wendy are supported by a leadership team that helps carry out the vision of the church. In accordance with the laws of our state, we have a Board of Directors who are responsible for the legal oversight of the church. The Board is comprised of the Pastors and 3 Elders.
The Elders are responsible to work with the Pastors in the spiritual oversight of the church. They help by keeping their finger on the spiritual pulse of the fellowship and are appointed and ordained to oversee individual ministries within the church.
The Deacons are a body of gifted men and women with servant’s hearts. They are chosen by the members and assigned to support one or more of the areas of ministry that are under the care of the Elders.